Meet Angela

Tom Petty pretty much summed it up:

"She's a good girl, loves her mama  

Loves Jesus and America too 

She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis 

Loves horses and her boyfriend too."

I’m also a mama of 2 sweet and untamed boys to whom I am blessed to be able to stay home & watch them grow. I’ve been with my husband now for 18 years, half my life, and it’s hands down the better half.  Their support and abundant love keeps me dreaming.  I believe the world needs more dreamers, more seekers, and more lovers.


I love music, traveling, the ocean, and pretty much everything about the 70’s. I describe my personal style as ‘bohemian with an edge’ and it tends to seep into every part of my life; be it through fashion, interiors, or florals.  I am drawn to perfect imperfections in nature and their inherent beauty and my desire to connect and capture that essence in my designs is persistent.