Floral Design


Connecting people to their senses through floral artistry is my intention with each design I create.  Whether it’s through a bouquet, an arrangement, or installation, I desire that not only are you visually stimulated by the natural beauty and texture throughout the piece, but that you can experience the design over and over again long after your event is over.  With each and every piece I create, I purposefully select (chop down, saw, or machete) local flowers, foliage, and vegetation indigenous to the region of the event.  Going a step further and taking the time to forage ensures the integrity and spirit of the piece is authentic, cohesive, sustainable, and nostalgic; imprinting not only on your mind but your heart.


Sustainable floristry is amongst the utmost importance to us.  We are members of the Slow Flower Movement which is committed to supporting local and domestic florists and floral farmers, we practice eco-conscious design methods when possible, and are continuously finding ways to cut down floral waste through artistic and charitable paths and causes.  We have even turned our backyard into a small garden full of vines, flowers, and lush vegetation that allows for instant inspiration and resource.