by The ALTARnative

Because we are commited to holistic and sustainable floristry, we found ourselves burdened by the amount of waste that goes into flower production.  We felt convicted and decided to turn those convictions into purpose and intention. Hence, the birthing of Poiesis, or rather perhaps, a resurrection. Poiesis means "to make" and everything we make is from flowers and botanicals.  Be it from your wedding flowers, your bridal or baby shower, or any other special event in your life, we use those flowers to create unique and one-of-a kind pieces for you to hold as a keepsake, long after your event is over. Our hope is that every time you wear or use one of our products, your heart's eye will be opened to relive the same joy you experienced from your very first introduction to those flowers.


 Inherently, we are drawn to the perfect imperfections in nature.  Natural dyeing creates some of the most beautifully unexpected results that to some, may be seen as "broken" or "unfinished".  We believe in honoring the broken and unfinished.  Both in our pieces and in humans. Therefore, those who wear our garments, are those who can identify the beauty from ash.  Those who can and will go deep. The misfits, the rebels, the lovers and the dreamers. Those who know that the expectation of perfection is a plague to the soul.

Our commisioned garments and products are hand-dyed, using flowers and plants, in a slow and intentional process.  We take great joy in honoring this system of slow fashion and therefore, the proces can take up to 8 weeks, though often it is less.  Please allow us the time needed to create the most depth and beauty from your flowers. 

To retain your garment's orginality, special care is recommended.  Please hand-wash your pieces with cold water, using a PH neutral detergent, and minimally. Lay flat to dry, but not in the sunshine. Warm iron if needed.  Do not use any stain removers, bleach, or acidic solutions on your garments. Some fabrics tend to weaken and become vulnerable when wet.  Strength and softness comes each time they are washed and allowed to dry slowly.  Please be gentle and patient with them and with each other.


Like people, over time, your garment may change.  The brightness may fade. The colors may even shift due to environmental influences (like hard water).  You can't change it or fix it.  But, you can lean into it.  You can accept the changes and still see them as beautiful, as original, and as yours. And when you do, you will find your story there as well. Your own original story. Your own Poiesis.

Please contact Angela@altarnativedesign.com for more information pertaining to custom pieces, pricing, and flower preparation and transit.